Solo Stove Mesa Review: Top 10 Amazing Features

solo stove mesa review

Solo Stove Mesa Review: Top 10 Amazing Features

You may yearn for cozy fireside gatherings. But, you lack the yard space for a standard fire pit. I’ve got your solution—the Solo Stove Mesa. This tiny tabletop fire pit has the fiery magic of full-sized models. It comes in a portable package to enjoy anywhere outdoors. Take it camping or tailgating. Use it to share warmth and stories curbside. Or ignite ambiance on balconies and compact patios.

What makes the Mesa great is not just its cute size. It’s Solo Stove’s special innovations. They make lovely, smokeless flames in any setting. This tabletop fire pit can make small gatherings better. It has quality engineering. The engineering is made for convenience and flexibility. In this Solo Stove Mesa review, I’ll dive deep into every feature. This tiny but mighty fire pit is worth its modest $80 price tag for your outdoor entertaining needs.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Mesa weighs under 2 pounds. Its thoughtful tabletop design is functional and portable for outdoor spaces of all sizes.
  • It has a durable stainless steel build. The steel has high heat ceramic coating. It comes in color options. They range from deep olive to bone. This variety suits personal style.
  • Multi-fuel adaptability allows wood chunks or pellets for customized clean-burning backyard fires

The Solo Stove Mesa Tabletop Fire Pit is sleek and compact, making it perfect for urban settings, small gardens, or balconies. Crafted from durable 304 stainless steel, this fire pit is both lightweight and robust, ensuring it can withstand the heat of a roaring flame. The Mesa’s size is just right for providing warmth and creating a cozy ambiance without being overpowering. With its stylish appearance and efficient design, it adds a touch of elegance to any outdoor space.

1. Clever Convenient Design
Find your new Solo Stove Mesa Tabletop Fire Pit | Low Smoke Outdoor Mini Fire for Urban  Suburbs | Fueled by Pellets or Wood, Safe Burning, Stainless Steel, with Travel Bag, Stand 6.9 x 5.1 in, 1.4lbs, Water on this page.

Solo Stove miniaturized their smokeless fire pit tech to create the Mesa. They clearly thought about how to make it work well, given its small size. It weighs under 2 pounds. This tiny fire pit offers custom entertainment potential. That’s thanks to a thoughtful design fine-tuned for flexibility.

You can use the Mesa with common pellet grill fuel for ease. Or, you can safely burn twigs and other backyard materials. The fire pit is made of stainless steel. It also includes ceramics. These resist rust and stay strong. The pit is tough enough for many trips.

Specially designed accessories like the stand and carrying case improve convenience. They also broaden your options for using the Mesa. Use the stand to protect your fire on most patio furniture. Then, use the included case to easily bring the flames on your outdoor adventures.

Tailgating with friends? The Mesa helps warm small gatherings curbside before the big game. Move your home happy hour to a local park picnic bench with this grab-and-go gadget. You won’t have to lug cumbersome equipment or load awkward bulk into your vehicle. The case is handy. It even lets you bring micro backyard campfires to bonfires, winter glamping trips, and more.

2. Durable Stainless Steel Build

The Solo Stove Mesa is versatile and portable. Its durability lets it withstand frequent transport and high heat. Despite being just over 5 inches wide, it has a high heat output. The Mesa achieves this through quality construction blending metals and ceramics.

The base uses stainless steel for rust resistance. The upper part has high heat ceramics. They allow colors beyond basic silver. Solo Stove took a cue from larger models like the Bonfire 2.0 to bring custom hues to the Mesa’s mini profile.

Choose from five vibrant colors. They include deep olive green, terra cotta, dove gray, red, and blue. Or, pick a neutral bone white. Or, pick a traditional stainless finish. They match any backyard furniture setup. I’m partial to the red, white and blue speckled limited edition myself for patriotic flair.

Solo Stove says the colored ceramic coatings withstand over 1,112°F. This ensures the mini fire pits last for years. They won’t crack or peel. Third-party sites like Amazon do sell replacement Mesa ceramic rings if needed.

This mix of steel alloy and high heat ceramics is clever. It lets Solo Stove offer colored options without losing toughness. Even when the Mesa is often carried in its case for outdoor adventures.

3. Flawless 360° Airflow
Find your new Solo Stove Mesa Tabletop Fire Pit | Low Smoke Outdoor Mini Fire for Urban  Suburbs | Fueled by Pellets or Wood, Safe Burning, Stainless Steel, with Travel Bag, Stand 6.9 x 5.1 in, 1.4lbs, Water on this page.

Once you see the mesmerizing flames of Solo Stove’s patented fire pit airflow, you’ll understand why the Mesa’s mini version earned acclaim so quickly. This tabletop model flawlessly replicates the 360° smokeless airflow design. It was perfected in larger stationary Solo Stove models over the past decade.

So how does this work? The Mesa is made of precisely angled, double-walled stainless steel. It helps a secondary burn happen by letting oxygen circulate. Cool air passes through the bottom chamber walls. Then, hot secondary air becomes preheated to ignition temperature before fueling beautiful flames.

This convection effect leaves smoke and ash unable to accumulate inside the Mesa. Instead, the tabletop fire pit generates far less particulate emissions overall. Any excess becomes fuel for brighter fires. Airflow also lowers heat conduction. This keeps the exterior cooler and safer to touch.

You’ll enjoy the hypnotic sight of vibrant flames dancing above the Mesa’s rim. But, there won’t be smoke blowing back in your face. Gather with friends around this outdoor pyrotechnic display. Share warmth, swap stories, and roast marshmallows.

The Mesa is portable. Thanks to Solo Stove’s 360° tech, it filters smoke and makes fires bigger. This creates stunning ambiance and group experiences. They are free from distraction by haze or scent. Expect a clean burn every time.

4. Multi-Fuel Versatility

What sets the Solo Stove Mesa apart from other small fire pits is its flexibility. It can burn firewood or wood pellets using included accessories. This versatility comes from using two fuels. It ensures that finding fuel for your fire feature is easy.

The Mesa ships with a removable stainless steel pellet adapter. It allows you to burn compressed wood pellets from your local hardware store or a pellet grill brand. Pellets provide exceptional heat, ignite rapidly, and generate less ash than bulk firewood.

For organic fuel, use Solo Stove’s mini oak firewood. It’s sold in compact bundles. They fit the Mesa’s 5 inch opening. You can also safely burn twigs, sticks, or small chunks of firewood. You could gather them from your backyard.

Just be sure any natural wood burns dry before placing inside, and cut pieces down to size as needed. Solo Stove recommends avoiding wet wood and pressure treated lumber. Also avoid plastics or composite wood with glues that cause chemical odors.

I appreciate the flexibility to customize my mini fire pit. I can tailor it to my needs and convenience when entertaining outdoors. The Mesa can use both pellets and firewood. This lets it reliably stoke fires in backyards in the way that suits the mood.

5. Effortless Setup

The Solo Stove Mesa has all the features of a full-size fire pit. But, it is portable and tabletop-sized. So, you may wonder if using it is less easy. Thankfully, miniaturization in no way hindered this fire feature’s seamless user-friendly performance.

This is true to Solo Stove’s design principles. Engineers kept it efficient while downscaling for life-on-the-go. Mesa needs no assembly when unboxing. This is because of the secure but removable stand. Also, the low-profile steel pellet adapter. They both nest inside the unit when not in use.

Merely place the Mesa securely onto its stand above a non-flammable surface. Next, invert the stainless steel flame ring if desired to create a wider fire access opening. Add a small fire starter block with kindling and your choice of fuel. Ignite it with matches or a long lighter.

Tend your flickering fire by adding more tiny firewood pieces or pellets as needed. Enjoy up to 45 minutes of clean-burning, hearty warmth in motion. Monitor the exterior temperature. This allows the Mesa to cool fully. Then, you can handle or return the components inside the fire pit base for easy storage after each use.

There are no setup headaches. The Mesa is small. It keeps backyard fire enjoyment hassle-free for spontaneous usage in small outdoor venues. I find this extra portability worth it. But, it comes with a small learning curve. You have to learn about fuel amounts and the best accessories.

6. S’mores Master

The Solo Stove Mesa is a perfect patio centerpiece. It spreads warmth and mood-setting flames. But, I love it most for its skill at whipping up backyard snacks. It’s great for s’mores and seared sausages. You’ll quickly discover why this compact fire pit earns rave reviews as a roasting race car!

Mesa’s flames have expert airflow. They reach over 1100 degrees Fahrenheit. This creates a lot of heat on small surfaces. When placed securely on a stand, the unit focuses blazing heat upward in a column. It does not lean awkwardly. This makes rotating bites like marshmallows or franks to perfection a cinch.

And you needn’t stress dread of sticky mishaps either. Mesa’s tall, narrow shape stops wayward marshmallows or burger drips. They would tumble into ashes or wax paper. The included roasting sticks are made from heat-safe stainless steel, like camping coins. They have smart perpendicular handles. These protect idle hands from heat while others toast treats.

This tailgating and camping accessory also provides a small cooking surface. It does so without overcomplicating the need for a tiny size. Think of Mesa as the fastest route to gourmet take-away bites. They’re for events or vacations off the grid. It handily proves packable fire pits can still deliver on signature backyard cuisine.

7. Custom Personalization

Solo Stove Mesa Tabletop Fire Pit | Low Smoke Outdoor Mini Fire for Urban  Suburbs | Fueled by Pellets or Wood, Safe Burning, Stainless Steel, with Travel Bag, Stand 6.9 x 5.1 in, 1.4lbs, Water

Beyond the Mesa’s color choices add flair to your tabletop fire feature. Solo Stove also offers custom personalization through laser etching. Make this mini fire pit your own. Engrave it with initials, favorite team logos, creative designs, or special messages.

Etching does not harm the Mesa’s coating. It does not compromise its integrity. Solo Stove uses an advanced technique. It allows for shallow engraving. The engraving is resistant to scratching or fading over years of use.

When it comes to concepts for your customized Mesa fire pit, the sky’s the limit! Consider engraving:

  • Your initials, nickname or family name
  • College sports team logos and mascots
  • Camping themed images like mountains or trees
  • Unique geometric patterns
  • Funny one-liners to spark conversation

Or just etch “S’mores” on your Mesa. It’s in anticipation of many late-night marshmallows. This special design makes the mini fire pit a thoughtful gift. It’s great for birthdays, weddings, or holidays too.

Engraving adds creative touches. It makes your Mesa purchase into a personalized fixture that feels uniquely yours. The standard colors and stainless finish still look sharp. Custom etching takes tabletop ambiance to the next level.

8. Safety First

Fire pits promise warmth and nostalgia. But, enjoying backyard fires demands awareness. It’s a responsibility for adults. Solo Stove emphasizes safety for all products. This is especially true for the Mesa. It’s portable and used on tabletops. Keep these cautions in mind so your mini fire feature creates positive memories, not misfortune.

Monitor Surface Heat. Allow the empty Mesa to fully cool before handling or replacing it in its carry bag. Retained heat can still burn or ignite flammable surfaces, even after a fire. Take care when using on dining tables.

Mind Children & Pets – Curious youngsters may touch hot surfaces or get burned by reaching for things like roasting sticks. Secure kids and pets at a safe distance focused on supervision.

Have a Response Plan. Keep a fire extinguisher, water source, sand bucket, or heavy blanket nearby. This is for whenever the Mesa is lit. Know how to cut off air supply via the carry bag to snuff flames if an accident occurs.

With careful placements, vigilant monitoring, and quick response, patio fire enjoyment minimizes risk. Solo Stove also sells helpful accessories like a Mesa lid for instantly cutting off airflow.

Put safety first when using your mini fire pit. This will let the Mesa earn a permanent place. It will enhance outdoor living spaces through responsibility and trust. We all play a part keeping hearth traditions positive.

9. Portable Carrying Case

Solo Stove Mesa Tabletop Fire Pit | Low Smoke Outdoor Mini Fire for Urban  Suburbs | Fueled by Pellets or Wood, Safe Burning, Stainless Steel, with Travel Bag, Stand 6.9 x 5.1 in, 1.4lbs, Water
Find your new Solo Stove Mesa Tabletop Fire Pit | Low Smoke Outdoor Mini Fire for Urban  Suburbs | Fueled by Pellets or Wood, Safe Burning, Stainless Steel, with Travel Bag, Stand 6.9 x 5.1 in, 1.4lbs, Water on this page.

One detail cements the Solo Stove Mesa’s usefulness as a grab-and-go fire pit. It comes with a custom bag for easy carrying and protection. This rugged carrying case keeps your tabletop fire feature secure in transit so the good times needn’t end when it’s time to head home.

The Mesa’s case is made of zippered nylon. It has a drawstring closure at the top and a wide molded base. This makes it easy to slide the extinguished fire pit inside without taking it apart. Detach the stand. Dump ashes if needed. After the stand cools, put the pellet adapter and flame ring back in.

You can then cinch the Mesa snugly closed inside its protective sheath. You don’t have to worry about components rattling apart, even if tipped sideways. The rugged textile case stands up to frequent use without fraying or wearing thin over years. Its ergonomic design even makes hauling easy. You can do it by hand or by putting it in a backpack.

Solo Stove clearly created the Mesa’s carrying case for more than just household storage between patio parties. This dynamic accessory expands the small fire pit’s use. It’s for impromptu day trips farther away.

Stash inside a camping cooler headed to the big game, or take it along saddling up horses at the ranch. The handling case begs you to challenge conventions. It’s about where tiny fire pits belong. Just flip the table with flame-broiled fun wherever wanderlust strikes!

10. Fiery Ambiance

Beyond outright utility, the Mesa is commandeered for cooking. Its other strength is creating atmospherics with vibrant, smokeless flames. Gather around the tabletop fire feature with loved ones to bask in warmth both literal and in spirit.

The Mesa’s fire burns cleanly. It’s fueled by Solo Stove’s airflow. It creates a spellbinding column of flames from common starter blocks. People delight in firelight. It brings joy on a primal level. It bonds those present through intimate neon nature.

Varying fuel loads and using a pellet adapter allows customization. This alters burn intensity and longevity. A brief 20 minute fire is perfect for dessert ambiance. Stacking fuel can sustain homey heat for an hour. This makes for extended reminiscing into the night.

This flexibility fits quick weeknight family catching up. It also works for hosting late-night guests. They linger in the patio glow instead of shuffling indoors. The Mesa makes a fine excuses to neglect chores and linger longer with loved ones thanks to magical heat.

And if conversation stalls, never underestimate the value of simply sitting together quietly. Each lost in flickering patterns. The Mesa masterfully sets moods from festive to serene through organic firelight in in compact form factors.

Solo Stove Mesa Review

The Solo Stove Mesa earns glowing acclaim. It’s a mighty, tiny fire pit. It distills the magic of full-sized fire pits into a portable package. This tabletop fire feature ups the ante on ambiance and flexibility for small outdoor spaces.

The Mesa has flawlessly engineered 360° airflow. It supports mesmerizing smokeless flames. It also has multi-fuel versatility for customized fires. The stove uses quality materials and ingenious design. Solo Stove perfected them over a decade. The result? Heartwarming hearth nostalgia without hassle.

Standard fire pits are a patio must-have. The wonderfully compact Mesa finds a welcome through sheer pluck and charm. This tiny fire crackler proves that the best things are often small.

So, if you want a grab-and-go companion for harvest parties and camping trips, the Mesa is for you. Or, if you want a dressy accent for your condo balcony, it shines bright. This mini-pit packs a fiery punch as the ultimate sidekick for pequeño patio living.

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