Solo Stove vs Breeo – Which Smokeless Fire Pit is Better?

Solo Stove vs Breeo – Which Smokeless Fire Pit is Better?

Are you looking to add some backyard ambiance or enhance your camping experience? A smokeless fire pit is a great way to gather around a cozy fire without all the smoke getting in your eyes. Solo Stove and Breeo are two of the top brands for smokeless fire pits. They both utilize innovative airflow technology and precision engineering to maximize burning efficiency and reduce smoke.

But with several models to choose from between the two brands, it can take time to decide which is suitable for your needs and budget. This comparison guide will review the key differences between Solo Stove and Breeo to help you pick the perfect smokeless fire pit. After reading, you’ll understand each brand’s pros and cons and discover which is better for portable adventures or stationary backyard enjoyment. Let’s get started!

Key Takeaways:

  • Solo Stove models are ultra-lightweight and ideal for camping and outdoor adventures.
  •  Breeo models offer superior cooking ability right over the fire pit.
  •  Solo Stove fire pits are more budget-friendly overall.
  •  For portability, a Solo Stove is recommended.
  •  For backyard cooking, Breeo is the way to go.

Solo Stove Overview and Models

Solo Stove exploded onto the scene in 2011 with its innovative smokeless fire pit design. Based in Texas, Solo Stove aims to reconnect people with gathering around a campfire using 21st-century engineering.

Their patented double-wall stainless steel construction and precision airflow utilize convection to burn fuel efficiently. This air injection technology allows secondary combustion to burn away smoke before it leaves the fire pit. The result is an ultra-efficient fire pit that maximizes airflow for a beautiful smokeless fire.

Solo Stove offers three main models to choose from:

  • Ranger – This ultra-portable tabletop fire pit is their most miniature model at just 9.25″” in diameter and weighs only 15 pounds. Perfect for camping trips and adventures.
  •  Bonfire – The mid-sized Bonfire smokeless fire pit measures 14″” across and weighs 20 pounds. Solo Stove’sStove’s most popular model for backyard enjoyment.
  •  Yukon – The most significant fire pit option at 19.5″” diameter but still easy to transport at 38 pounds. Ideal for larger gatherings.

This wide range of sizes means you can find a Solo Stove smokeless fire pit tailored for any outdoor escapade or backyard hangout. Their patented design and stainless steel construction ensure a beautiful, mesmerizing fire with barely any smoke.

Solo Stove also offers a wide selection of accessories like stands, cooking attachments, and heat deflectors to customize your experience.

Breeo Overview and Models

Breeo joined the smokeless fire pit game in 2016, bringing their spin on the technology. Based in Minnesota, Breeo aims to create a more social and customizable backyard experience than typical fire pits.

Like Solo Stove, Breeo smokeless fire pits utilize stainless steel construction with precision airflow design. This allows for efficient burning that reduces smoke and makes the most of your firewood fuel.

Breeo offers three main models:

  • Y Series – This portable model comes in 21″” and 24″” sizes, weighing about 30 pounds. Includes carrying handle and adjustable legs.
  •  X Series – Their mid-sized smokeless pit comes in 24″,” 27″,” and 30″” diameters. More suited for permanent backyard placement.
  •  Luxeve – Breeo’s largest model measures 36″” across and comes in luxury finishes like corten steel and glass colors. Truly built to wow guests.

So, while Solo Stove offers more ultra-portable small models, Breeo focuses more on giant backyard fire pits. But they all provide a mesmerizing smokeless fire experience.

Unlike Solo Stove, Breeo has limited accessories and attachments. But their models offer superior direct cooking ability right on the fire pit, as we’ll see later.

Solo Stove vs Breeo Models

ModelSolo StoveBreeo
SmallRanger (9.25 in)Y Series (21 or 24 in)
MediumBonfire (14 in)X Series (24, 27, or 30 in)
LargeYukon (19.5 in)Luxeve (36 in)

Comparing Efficiency and Smoke Output

Regarding smokeless fire pits, efficiency and smoke reduction are key factors that set the brands apart. Both Solo Stove and Breeo utilize innovative airflow technology to maximize burning efficiency. But which one does it better?

Both brands use double-wall stainless steel construction to inject secondary airflow into the fire chamber. This oxygen allows the fuel to undergo secondary combustion and burn off particulate that would otherwise lead to thick smoke.

Solo Stove has a slight edge regarding smoke reduction. Their precision airflow design induces secondary combustion so effectively that smoke is reduced by up to 95% compared to an open campfire. Reviews show even wet wood burns cleaner than traditional fire pits.

Breeo doesn’t advertise specific smoke reduction claims. But real-world testing shows their models also produce minimal smoke when appropriately used with dry firewood. Users are consistently impressed with the mesmerizing flames and lack of distracting smoke.

Regarding overall efficiency, users report both Solo Stove and Breeo models burning through wood impressively fast. So you’ll get an energetic fire while using less fuel. The forced air injection allows the fire to breathe better and burn hotter for longer.

While both brands deliver on the promise of smokeless fires, Solo Stove has a slight performance advantage regarding proper smoke reduction and efficiency. But Breeo still produces beautiful smokeless fires perfect for gathering around.

Portability Comparison

A significant benefit of smokeless fire pits is their portability for camping trips and outdoor adventures. Regarding carrying convenience, Solo Stove models are generally more lightweight and compact.

As mentioned, even the largest Solo Stove Yukon weighs only 38 pounds. The mid-sized Bonfire clocks in at just 20 pounds. This makes them easy to load up in your car or take to the campsite.

Breeo’sBreeo’s portable Y Series weighs about 30 pounds. While still manageable for short distances, Solo Stove’s lighter models are better suited for portable adventures.

Solo Stove’s patented design uses thinner stainless steel to make their models as lightweight as possible without sacrificing durability. Breeo opts for thicker and more heat-retentive materials but adds some weight.

For camping trips, tailgating parties, or the beach, Solo Stove’s ultra-portable models like the Ranger and Bonfire excel. The Ranger even packs down for backpacking expeditions.

Meanwhile, Breeo smokeless fire pits are better suited when portability over short distances is needed. Their models work nicely for backyard placement or occasionally transferring to a friend’s house.

So, while both brands offer portable models under 40 pounds, Solo Stove is the winner for maximizing convenience and mobility. Don’t expect to backpack a full-sized smokeless fire pit…yet easily!

Cooking Ability Comparison

One advantage of smokeless fire pits is the ability to cook over controllable flames. But when it comes to built-in cooking convenience, Breeo models offer superior direct cooking ability.

Solo Stove only recently began offering cooking accessories like a grill grate and pizza oven attachment. While useful add-ons, they don’t directly attach to the fire pit models themselves.

Breeo smokeless fire pits, on the other hand, are designed with cooking in mind. Their Outpost Grill accessory integrates with Breeo models to become an adjustable cooking surface.

The Breeo Outpost Grill attaches firmly to the fire pit rim with adjustable brackets. You can raise or lower the grill height to control the cooking temperature.

With Breeo’s grill integration, you can cook foods like burgers, hot dogs, vegetables, and more directly over the smokeless flames. Solo Stove requires propping up a grill grate precariously.

Breeo also gives you fuel flexibility. The Outpost Grill conveniently allows interchangeably cooking with wood, charcoal briquettes or wood pellets.

While Solo Stove offers more portable fire pit models, Breeo excels with built-in grilling functionality. Breeo models with the Outpost Grill attachment provide the most convenience for delicious camp cooking or backyard BBQs.

Price and Value Comparison

When making any purchase decision, price always weighs on the mind. While Solo Stove and Breeo command a premium over regular fire pits, some key pricing differences exist.

Overall, Solo Stove fire pits are more budget-friendly for most consumers. Their best-selling Bonfire model retails between $260-$300. Even the large Yukon model rings up under $600 with current pricing.

Breeo models are noticeably more expensive overall. Their portable Y Series starts at around $400. More extensive models like the X Series and Luxeve can cost up to $1600.

The higher Breeo pricing reflects the use of thicker stainless steel and more exotic materials like corten steel. Solo Stove uses thinner materials to cut weight and costs.

It’s worth noting that both brands offer deals and sales throughout the year that bring down costs. Special holiday pricing and package deals with accessories can make them more affordable.

For the average consumer prioritizing value, Solo Stove models give you excellent performance and durability at a more attractive price point. But Breeo’sBreeo’s higher-end construction brings increased heat retention and longevity.

When choosing, consider your budget and how frequently you’ll use your smokeless fire pit. Those looking for a permanent backyard centerpiece may find the investment in a Breeo model worthwhile in the long term.

Solo Stove vs Breeo Features

FeatureSolo StoveBreeo
Cooking Ability⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


When choosing between industry leaders Solo Stove and Breeo, there are great options to suit different budgets and needs.

For those prioritizing lightweight portability for camping and adventures, Solo Stove models provide the best experience. Their ultra-portable construction makes them easy to pack up and take anywhere. Solo Stove also offers the most flexibility and accessories for customizing your perfect fire pit setup.

On the other hand, Breeo smokeless fire pits excel when it comes to premium backyard enjoyment and cooking ability. While more expensive, their models, like the Luxeve, bring style and sophistication to your outdoor space. Breeo’sBreeo’s direct grill integration enables convenience when cooking over smokeless flames.

Both Solo Stove and Breeo deliver mesmerizing, smokeless fires to gather around. By evaluating your priorities for portability, cooking, and budget, you can confidently pick the perfect model to match your needs. Just don’t be surprised if you end up owning multiple smokeless fire pits to enjoy in different settings!

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