Solo Stove Yukon Fire Pit Review – Is It Worth It?

Solo Stove Yukon Fire Pit Review – Is It Worth It?

Solo Stove has amazed the backyard fire pit world. They did it with their new, smokeless design. It’s their largest model. The Yukon offers an unmatched fire pit experience which is perfect for gatherings. But with its premium price tag, is it really worth investing in?

We tested and researched and we lay out all the info that buyers need. Below, we summarize the key takeaways about the star features. We also cover the real-world performance of the Yukon 2.0 and whether its new updates make it the best choice for family memories.

Key Takeaways

  • Solo Stove’s patented tech makes the Yukon 2.0 smokeless. Its sleek steel design makes it a gorgeous backyard centerpiece.
  • Owners say it makes a cozy, vibrant fire for entertaining. It also cuts down on smoke by up to 95%.
  • Lighting and maintaining the Yukon fire pit is easy. Cleanup is minimal thanks to airflow tech.
  • New ash pan in the 2024 redesign significantly improves ease of ash removal
  • Superior heating and cooking capabilities compared to standard models (with add-on accessories)
  • At nearly $500, the Yukon is a premium investment. But, owners say it pays off for years with unforgettable memories together.

We expand on each of those points through our thorough, hands-on review. We tested many backyard fire pits. After testing them, we researched more. Continue reading or jump ahead to learn about specific sections:

Solo Stove Yukon 2.0, Smokeless Fire Pit | Portable Wood Burning Fireplace with Removable Ash Pan, Large Outdoor Firepit - Stainless Steel, H: 17 in x Dia: 27 in, 38 lbs
Click to view the Solo Stove Yukon 2.0, Smokeless Fire Pit | Portable Wood Burning Fireplace with Removable Ash Pan, Large Outdoor Firepit - Stainless Steel, H: 17 in x Dia: 27 in, 38 lbs.

Solo Stove Smokeless Technology Explained

What sets Solo Stoves apart is their patented design. It creates a nearly smoke-free fire pit experience. This section explains how their shape enables secondary combustion. This causes mesmerizing flames and far less smoke than standard pits.

Solo Stove fire pits like the Yukon are crafted from stainless steel with double walls. The gaps between those walls serve as air intake ports.

Oxygen gets drawn up through the bottom air vents, feeding oxygen directly into the fire. The stainless steel walls absorb heat. They preheat air between them as it travels upwards.

This preheated air then gets pushed out through the drainage holes. They are around the top edge of the pit. Essentially, this preheated oxygen gets injected back into the flames as secondary combustion.

The result? Spectacular, swirling flames that burn incredibly hot while emitting far less annoying smoke.

Solo Stove estimates their patented design can reduce smoke by up to 95% compared to an open campfire pit.

But don’t just take their word for it. Customers love their Solo Stoves. They enable seating right around the vibrant fire. There is barely any smoke blowing in people’s faces.

We experienced these results first-hand during our testing. The fire burns so efficiently that our logs got reduced to mere ash after around 45 minutes.

Once the flames were roaring at full capacity, we no longer had to deal with irritating smoke. We could enjoy the fire’s warmth and ambiance.

The double walls use convection to heat. Spouts inject oxygen to “reburn” the initial fuel. This makes a fire in a Solo Stove much hotter and less smoky.

Now, let’s get into the details. We’ll talk about making and tending a fire in the Yukon model.

Lighting a Fire In Your Yukon

The Yukon’s fire chamber is 27 inches wide. It gives you plenty of room for the initial fire on the steel base.

Solo Stove recommends using 6-8 medium hardwood logs. Put them on top of a few crumbled up balls of newspaper when starting from scratch.

  • Hard dense woods like oak, hickory or maple work best as they’ll burn longer and hotter.

Once those initial logs get blazing after about 10-20 minutes, you can continually add more cut logs. This will maintain the fire for hours.

Airflow is crucial to Solo Stoves. So, do not overload the chamber with tightly packed wood. Give enough spacing for ample oxygen circulation.

Ease of Cleaning Up Ash

One major improvement with the Yukon 2.0 is the addition of an ash pan beneath the fire chamber to catch all debris.

Before, you had to scoop out ash through the bottom ventilation holes. You had to do this when it built up too much.

The ash pan greatly simplifies debris removal whenever needed. Just detach the pan after the pit fully cools then easily dispose of the ash.

Overall maintenance is still minimal with a Solo Stove compared to other fire pits.

Owners praise needing to empty their Yukon’s ash. They only need to do it twice per year since the wood gets so thoroughly burned.

Find your new Solo Stove Yukon 2.0, Smokeless Fire Pit | Portable Wood Burning Fireplace with Removable Ash Pan, Large Outdoor Firepit - Stainless Steel, H: 17 in x Dia: 27 in, 38 lbs on this page.

Hands-On Testing and Experience from Real Owners

Beyond the hype about smokeless technology, we dig into hands-on test results. We also look at owner anecdotes about Solo Stove’s performance in real backyards.

We grilled and toasted marshmallows around the Yukon fire pit. We also hosted both small and large gatherings there. After all this, we came away very impressed.

But don’t just take our word for it. Many reviewers rave about the Yukon. It creates an inviting atmosphere that helps people make connections. And, it does so without irritation from blowing smoke.

Our Hands-On Testing Experience

During our testing we found the Yukon’s stainless steel construction truly feels indestructible. The craftsmanship is built to last years of frequent backyard enjoyment.

Setting up each time takes under 5 minutes, thanks to the easy design. It needs zero assembly out of the box. Then we easily got fires roaring in 10-15 minutes.

We sat right next to the pit and felt enveloped by heat, but were amazed by the lack of smoke. This happened once the flames stabilized. The vibrant fire made for perfect ambiance hosting 4-6 people on the patio.

Adding fresh logs kept fires burning. The logs burned for 45 minutes up to 2 hours. The burn time depended on wood density. Toasting hot dogs and packing down s’mores went off without a hitch.

We did find the outside surface of the Yukon gets extremely hot. The included fire shield is definitely a must to keep stray hands and arms safe distance away.

After months of ownership, we’ve been hugely impressed. There’s so little debris in the fire chamber. Burn efficiency is exceptional.

Long-Term Owners Can’t Get Enough

We tested it. But, many experienced owners praise their Solo Stove fire pit. They call it one of their best backyard investments.

Families use it nearly every night for many seasons. They only need to remove ash occasionally. The stainless steel shows impressive durability against corrosion and elemental damage.

One couple said they’ve used their old Yukon three times per week for over five years. They’ve had no issues. Now that’s reliability when it comes to facilitating lasting memories!

People love the Yukon because it lets them have smokeless fires. This is great for chatting, cooking, or relaxing by the fire, even on weeknights.

Owners agree. You’ll never want to use traditional ones again once you use a fire pit this clean and hot.

Solo Stove Yukon 2.0, Smokeless Fire Pit | Portable Wood Burning Fireplace with Removable Ash Pan, Large Outdoor Firepit - Stainless Steel, H: 17 in x Dia: 27 in, 38 lbs

Yukon 2.0 New Features and Updates for 2024

In 2024, Solo Stove released an updated “2.0” version of the Yukon flagship model. These improvements primarily focus on boosting durability along with simplifying maintenance.

Owners of the original Yukon model from recent years still rave about its performance. They love how long it lasts. But the Yukon 2.0 takes things to the next level.

Enhanced Cleaning and Maintenance

The main upgrade is the addition of an ash pan and removable base plate to contain debris buildup.

Previously, ash would collect in the bottom of the stainless steel fire chamber. Owners had to vacuum it out periodically before it built up too high.

Now, the new base plate catches falling ash. The detachable ash pan lets you swiftly dispose of the debris after each use if desired.

Maintenance frequency is about the same. But, the ash pan makes cleaning much easier. No more awkward angling with a shop vac to suck out ash!

Improved Ruggedness and Weather Resistance

Solo Stove strengthened weak points prone to developing minor dents, dings or abrasions.

The updated model replaces rivets with steel screws and bolts. The new fasteners will better secure the pieces together. New brackets also stabilize the upper rim.

These small tweaks are meaningful. They improve the structure after years of wear and tear. Owners can worry less about accidental damage during transport or storage mishaps.

Same Virtually Smoke-Free Performance

Importantly, the signature smokeless fire experience remains wholly in tact.

The new Yukon model has the same mesmerizing secondary burn. It makes spectacular flames and almost no smoke.

So users don’t have to worry about diminished performance or other functionality drawbacks. The updates simply bolster an already stellar backyard fire pit.

We’ve covered what’s new for 2024. Now, let’s get into using and maintaining it.

Solo Stove Yukon 2.0, Smokeless Fire Pit | Portable Wood Burning Fireplace with Removable Ash Pan, Large Outdoor Firepit - Stainless Steel, H: 17 in x Dia: 27 in, 38 lbs

How to Light, Use, and Clean Solo Stove Yukon

Using best practices makes starting and caring for your Yukon largely hassle-free. It will ensure great experiences for years. Follow this key guidance for lighting and safely enjoying flawless backyard fires.

Fire Starting Basics

The Yukon’s generous 27-inch fire chamber provides ample room for stacking wood.

I covered this before. Solo Stove says to start with 6-8 medium hardwood logs on top of paper or kindling. Avoid tightly packing the logs – leave breathing room.

Once the initial fuel fully ignites after 10-20 minutes, add more big logs as you like. But, don’t overcrowd.

Use fireplace tools to rearrange logs as they burn down. This ensures flames distribute evenly across the fire chamber.

Safety First

The Yukon’s steel exterior gets very hot. This is especially true for the rim section where secondary jets emit.

Always keep the included heat shield installed when flames are active. The mesh guard prevents direct contact with scorching steel.

Also give wide clearance around the entirety of the fire pit even with the shield in place. The radiating heat can still risk burns for exposed skin getting too close.

Post-Session Ash Removal

A key upgrade in the 2024 Yukon 2.0 model is the addition of an ash catch pan.

Simply detach the tray once fires complete burn down and the pit fully cools. Discard the ash and residuals debris however you see fit.

The efficient airflow design leaves minimal solid particles behind. But removing ash buildup every few uses ensures reliable performance.

For storage during wet or snowy seasons, put on the tough weather cover. It will keep the inside clean and dry.

Long-Term Maintenance

Aside from removing ash now and then, the Yukon needs little maintenance. This is thanks to its high-grade stainless steel construction.

You may choose to apply special polish once a year. This restores luster after harsh weather.

Otherwise, the only other care needed is to keep the pit covered when not in use. This avoids internal corrosion over time.

Solo Stove Yukon 2.0, Smokeless Fire Pit | Portable Wood Burning Fireplace with Removable Ash Pan, Large Outdoor Firepit - Stainless Steel, H: 17 in x Dia: 27 in, 38 lbs

Solo Stove Yukon vs Other Models (Ranger and Bonfire)

If you are debating between the Yukon and other Solo Stove fire pits, like the flagship Bonfire or portable Ranger, here’s how they compare. I will cover their size, pricing, and intended use.

We focus on the Bonfire and Ranger. They are the two other main Solo Stove models for backyard enjoyment. Their smaller camping stoves better serve backpacking needs.

Solo Stove Yukon vs Bonfire Comparison

The Bonfire offers a scaled down version of the Yukon’s smokeless centerpiece at a more affordable price point.


  • Yukon: 27 inches wide x 16 inches tall
  • Bonfire: 19.5 inches wide x 14 inches tall


  • Yukon: 48 pounds
  • Bonfire: 20 pounds

As you can see, the Bonfire is much more portable because it is much smaller.


  • Yukon retail: $450+
  • Bonfire retail: $300+$250+ for comparable accessories

Intended Use

The Yukon’s large size makes it best for serving as a permanent backyard fixture. It’s for entertaining 4+ people. Its ample fire chamber burns longer between refueling.

Meanwhile, the Bonfire works well on small decks and patios for smaller groups. Plus, its lighter weight allows for easily moving location to location as desired.

The Bonfire even fits in some SUV trunks for impromptu tailgating or camping trips. The Yukon can’t do that.

Solo Stove Ranger

The Ranger model is ultra-portable for even more mobility and storage in tight spaces. It may be better than the larger Yukon or Bonfire pits.

It offers the Solo Stove’s smokeless fire. You get it in a nimble 15-inch package under 20 pounds. It is best for 2-3 people. It works well in urban courtyards, on RV trips, and beyond.

Bottom Line Comparison

The Solo Stove Yukon only makes sense over smaller models. This is true if you plan to use it mainly in the backyard to entertain 4 or more people. Our testing found that the Bonfire meets most owners’ needs for cost and mobility.

But nothing can substitute for the Yukon’s vast land. It hosts social gatherings around mesmerizing flames. It makes an exceptional permanent backyard fixture.

Click to view the Solo Stove Yukon 2.0, Smokeless Fire Pit | Portable Wood Burning Fireplace with Removable Ash Pan, Large Outdoor Firepit - Stainless Steel, H: 17 in x Dia: 27 in, 38 lbs.

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